Mission work is often misunderstood as being a chore, financial burden, too much of a time commitment, uneasy... whatever the case I’m 100% guilty.  It’s never comfortable nor are the rewards always evident when you think of putting other’s needs in front of your own.  It’s a huge sacrifice that requires a lot of faith … Continue reading Panama


Doubt, which essentially stems from fear, can be crippling to us.  It tells us that we can’t, that things are impossible, that this has to be our life so get used to it; but listen to that!  Seriously, we are surrounded by beautiful miracles everyday that undoubtedly bless our lives, so shouldn’t trust be effortless … Continue reading Secret


The norm is something that I unwillingly lost track a while back.  Its absence I have come to expect, yet it’s still something I yearn to have.  Life isn’t easy and when that one thing you are accustomed to disappears the ugly, scary, unpredictable reality becomes overwhelming.  You get tested. We often call trials or … Continue reading Norm


If you knew that your life was going to change tomorrow and you were given all the details in advance would you accept it?  Would you live differently?  Call it whatever you want... fate, karma, God's will, destiny... Every minute someone's life drastically changes. Until it is our turn, we don't think about it.  I … Continue reading Acceptance


Truth is a concept that tends to be easy to accept when things are going well, yet when things are bad it becomes nearly impossible.  I am sure that everyone has those moments.  I sure do. I talked in my previous post about my struggle with acceptance versus rejection.  I had an episode this week … Continue reading Truth


Rejection is one of the most painful experiences, yet we tend to give it so freely.  We live in a society full of this sort of negatively that every time we don't like something or someone we turn the other cheek, offer opinions, judge... Why?  It's easy.  It's easier to focus on other's faults or … Continue reading Rejection


Growing up the youngest of 5 children, I have always been considered the baby.  With that came certain positive perks and great perspective, which at times evolved into traditions.  One thing that comes to mind was going through this name book that my family always kept on the bookshelf in the living room.  My mom … Continue reading Legacy