Doubt, which essentially stems from fear, can be crippling to us.  It tells us that we can’t, that things are impossible, that this has to be our life so get used to it; but listen to that!  Seriously, we are surrounded by beautiful miracles everyday that undoubtedly bless our lives, so shouldn’t trust be effortless and unfailing?!

Trust is a hard thing to come by when everything that was true to you has just crumbled to pieces.  When life seems to be plagued with trials, redemption seems out of reach.  For me I often walk this fine line between doubt and trust.  I know God’s capabilities, but the disappointment after disappointment starts to make me suspect that this is just how life is.  In return deceptive doubt creeps around like an annoying backseat driver trying to control my every move then disillusioning me with unrealistic expectations and false perspectives.  

Despite life’s detours, I consciously try to remain a positive person living in grace and not letting my circumstances define me; but it’s hard… really hard.  Sometimes I break down, but who doesn’t?  It’s then, when I am at my lowest of lows, that I am reminded of everything that I have been through and how beauty has grown from ashes time after time. Trust is a beautiful thing if you can learn to embrace it.  God is good. When my life was ripped from me, a new one was given.  I’ve been redeemed, protected and blessed.  

Through my circumstances, I have learned the true meaning of when one door closes another one opens… BTW it isn’t always as nostalgic as one would think. It often brings hurt and loss, but let me tell you it’s worth it.  God brings people and circumstances into your life for a reason.  Sometimes they stick around and sometimes they end quickly.  The best thing is not to hold on to what you lose. Instead, take your new found wisdom and push forward.  Realize that when those doors you so desperately want to stay open slam shut it’s because He has something better!  

I urge you to stop placing ownership on your life and humble yourself to the fact that our lives are not ours but His. Have peace in knowing that if everything falls into place it is going to be amazing.  If not, He is still at work and your time will come.  He doesn’t put us through the ringer and back to give us second best.  On the other hand he wants us to thrive with something unparallel to anything we could imagine!

I love this post from Lysa Terkeurst which basically combines all of my thoughts into a purpose filled recommendation for anyone looking to turn doubt into trust.  

contentment“Maybe this is the true secret to being fulfilled and content – living in the moment with God, defined by His truth, with no unrealistic expectations for others or things to fill me up.  Not reaching back for what was lost in my yesterdays and not reaching for what I hope will be in my tomorrow.  But living fully with what is right in front of me and truly seeing the gift of this MOMENT.

“Post it”, read it, yell it, but most importantly live it daily!  Remember it’s when we respond to doubt that everything falls apart; but it’s when we can be still that the true beauty unfolds.  Expectations are often shadowed by disappointments, but peace can be achieved when there is faith.

*If you have been encouraged, please feel free to like or comment, but most importantly share. You never know who else needs to hear it!  God bless!  xoxo Cara

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