acceptanceIf you knew that your life was going to change tomorrow and you were given all the details in advance would you accept it?  Would you live differently?  Call it whatever you want… fate, karma, God’s will, destiny…

Every minute someone’s life drastically changes. Until it is our turn, we don’t think about it.  I sure didn’t.  Like most, my life with “planned”.  The cards that I was dealt at 9 months pregnant wasn’t a part of my plan.  But it never is.

Even over a year later, acceptance isn’t always easy.  When you are a very rational person, it is difficult to understand irrational decisions or situations.  It goes back to trying to control something that cannot be controlled.  I remember when we were married, we would often take turns putting Emma to bed.  As a part of my routine was kneeling by her bedside and praying with her.  We were going through a lot financially, which at the time I felt was controlling our dreams.  We were stuck and I felt claustrophobic in my daily life.  I had a heavy heart and crushed spirit.  Heck, I was brought up to pray yet I really didn’t believe the power behind it.  What we always prayed together was the same.

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for this day and all of our blessings.  I pray that we have a good day tomorrow and that you watch over all of us keeping us safe and healthy.  Although we do not understand what is going on right now, we pray that You help us to keep faith that You are in control and that Your will be done in our lives and situation. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

When everything changed it took about a month before I realized that this is what I prayed for all those times kneeling down next to my baby girl.  As clarification I wasn’t praying to be hurt, to have a split home for my children or to be a single mom but what I was praying for was that His Will be Done.  You see, when I prayed that prayer for months or even years in my mind I had specific directives for it… what would change or get better, not a course of utter chaos and devastations.  Despite all the emotional turmoil that in my opinion was indescribable, I can sit back today and say it was worth it.  Yes, I admit it.  Why?  Because that heavy heart and crushed spirit have been revived.

Call it fate, call it karma, call it God, call it destiny… I have found freedom.  Ok, so this may not make a whole lot of sense and I get that.  Let me explain.  My new found freedom is the awareness of my surroundings.  My understanding that to gain a life worth living you have to give up control.

If you had told me 1 year and 4 months ago what was to come, I wouldn’t have believed you. Gosh, some days I wake up still not even believing it myself.  Why, because I am human and to fathom a great change coming our way isn’t natural.  Instead of living in fear everyday like I did, I encourage you to trust.  I don’t write these blogs to sway your beliefs, but to offer hope.  This is my journey and how I continually find peace in this brutal world that we live in. Take the bits and pieces that you can relate to in order to be inspired!  Learn that you create your happiness, and nobody can take it away but yourself.

Are we willing to accept an outcome that we didn’t expect?  My hope is if you have gone through something that you aren’t willing to accept or in an awful season of life that you are able to take a step back and see that it’s a part of the bigger picture.  God never meant for us to live mediocre lives, He meant for us to thrive!  As difficult as it was for me to experience what I did, it makes sense now.  My story isn’t over.  The best is yet to come, and that my dear is why at the end of the day I can accept my new life and find purpose.

Before leaving this post you have to listen to this song by Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum.  Let this beautiful song bring truth to your life. Click here to listen.

Please like or share if you have been encouraged and check back soon for Part 2: Finding Purpose after Acceptance. xoxo Cara

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